Weather in Giethoorn

In the picture below, you will find the weather forecast in Giethoorn. Check if it will be the perfect day to take a walk or go on a trip by sloop. This information should be comparable with the websites “Weer online” and “Buienradar”.

Even during the cold days, there is a lot to discover in Giethoorn. Go for an extensive lunch of diner or enjoy a hot cup of coffee at local restaurants. Dive into history or check out old fossils in the museums. The weather does not need to affect your stay in Giethoorn.

In the winter, it is important to go outside instead of staying home. The “happiness hormone” is at its lowest in the winter period, so go outside and enjoy the nature around you. Walk or sail in the winter sunshine and give your body a vitamin D boost. This will reduce your stress level and make you happier.

A winter hike is not only better foy your mind, but also for your body. The cold causes blood vessels to constrict, contracting as little as possible to maintain blood temperature. “When you go into the warmth, your blood vessels open up wide again, which can provide a major boost to blood circulation and the entire cardiovascular system to healthy people.

Even when the sun is hiding behind clouds, there are benefits to going outside. It is a good period to, for example, shoot pictures with a camera or with your phone. Clouds disperse light and reduce contrast. This is perfect for portraits. Clouds have a great advantage, especially in landscape photography, as they make every photo unique as it is never exactly the same.

For a trip in the winter, we recommend to be well prepared. Make sure you have the right clothes on and have enough to eat before you go sailing. Make sure you have many layers of clothing on, you have always the possibility you take off a layer if it gets too hot. Gloves and a warm hat can be very helpful. Eating enough will prevent you from getting tired or losing concentration.

If it is still too cold, we provide blankets to keep you warm and we can assure you that a cup of coffee will taste better after the ride.

on a boat in Giethoorn
on a boat in Giethoorn