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Where is Giethoorn ?

Giethoorn, Dutch Venice, is located in the North-West of the province Overijssel. In between Meppel and Steenwijk and about 30 km from Zwolle.

If you want to read more of Giethoorn and its activities go to:

The area is called “Waterreijk Weerribben Wieden”.

Our adres:
Zuiderpad 14,
8355 CA, Giethoorn

Questions about Giethoorn: 0031 521360 606

Reservations & boats: 0031 521 513 736

Public Transport

From AMS (Amsterdam Schiphol):

  • Take the train to “Zwolle”
  • At “Zwolle”take the train to “Steenwijk”

From Train & Bus stations Steenwijk:

  • Take the bus to Giethoorn (Bus #70 or #270 Giethoorn Express)
  • Get of the bus at the busstop: “Hollands Venetie”

Check the bus schedule at:

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