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Travel information; about Giethoorn:
Giethoorn is a small village in the Netherlands. You might know Giethoorn from it’s nickname: Dutch Venice. The quiet, green village with it’s typical canal infrastructure is well known all around the world for it’s uniqueness. And with us you can experience Giethoorn in the best way: from the water with a boat you can drive yourself trough the canals!  You want to see some photo’s? Look at our about Giethoorn page.

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Our address:
Zuiderpad 14,
8355 CA, Giethoorn
Questions about Giethoorn: 0031 521360 606
Reservations & boats: 0031 521 513 736

Location: Giethoorn

The boat rental, the bike rental, the hotel and the canal cruise are all located at an easy to find location with free parking in the center of Giethoorn.
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Free parking at boat rental Giethoorn

At our central location Zuiderpad 14 you can easily park your car. Giethoorn is known for being quiet and calm, but even on the busiest days there is enough parking space for everyone at our centrally located big, free parking area.

Driving with car to Giethoorn

Before you commit to driving, remember that the very center of Giethoorn isn’t accessible by car. As said before: rent a boat Giethoorn owns a big free parking spot for our guest. You can easily reach the best bits of the village on foot but the very best hidden treasures can only be found with a boat. From Amsterdam, the drive is approximately 1.5-2 hours. If you want to go comfort style there is an option to book a bus tour from Amsterdam to Giethoorn.

Travel information to Giethoorn from Amsterdam Schiphol

• Take the train to “Zwolle”
• At “Zwolle central station” take the train to “Steenwijk central station”

Travel to Giethoorn from Train & Bus stations Steenwijk:

• Take the bus to Giethoorn (Bus #70 or #270 Giethoorn Express)
• Get off the bus at the bus stop: “Hollands Venetie”